Wellda plans the first platform to launch fragrance copyright NFTs with partners.

Wellda is the connected wellness data platform to orchestrate wellness services and devices based on the collected users’ wellness data. The users’ wellness data is managed by the individual wallet to take a whole ownership and a series of monetization opportunities with the partnered services.

The individual wellness data will be rewarded as WLL, Wellda tokens. The Wellda wellness data platform offers a number of options to monetize, and the most fundamental and important way will be using connected wellness devices and services. For example with Pium, the first adoption partner, a user is able to rewarded based on the usage time of Pium smart diffusers. The Pium smart diffuser allows users to pick three different fragrance capsules to deliver home fragrances throughout the day. The fragrance capsules are available in Pium marketplace, which is open to fragrance manufacturers.

NFT Launchpad

In order to help our partners in the Pium marketplace as well as other perfume designer and boutique to protect their own special blending, Wellda plans the first platform to launch fragrance copyright NFTs. The Wellda NFT launchpad allows perfume designers to launch their own formula copyright NFTs, and also offers buyers a share in the designers’ future royalty revenue.

Pium also plans to collaborate with other artists to make their device unique and visually aesthetic. This artist-decorated device offers same functions to collect user-generated data for WLL rewards and also the limited copyright NFTs for an additional value. NFTs have quickly become the most exciting and popular way to trade copyright assets, and Wellda believes this NFT launchpad provides a better option for partners to add more values on their products and services.

NFT Exchange

Wellda is currently working with fragrance manufacturers sold their products in the Pium marketplace looking to utilize our NFT Exchange services.

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